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Karatbars – Make Money by Saving Money.
Imagine how great you would feel building a stockpile of gold... Something with real value that can be enjoyed and accumulated every month.KaratBars are accepted as currency around the globe, you're actually not 'buying' them, rather you are simply converting one currency for a better one.
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When you join Karatbars through our team page you will have access to a social community that leverages the efforts of the entire team to build a powerful and prosperous organization. Our system is built around an expanding forced matrix which continuously fills in open positions for our team members. So it's possible you may never have to refer anyone to your opportunity. This is Exclusive only to our team!
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"KaratBars is YOUR Solution to debt/saving crisis and the Disappearing Purchasing Power of YOUR Money. User Friendly Spendable...Gold Money...Sound Money!"Currency Gold!"
GAC, Karatbars International

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Karatbars International
Karatbars International offers customers the best price for “Spendable Gold”,  free storage and flat rate shipping.

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Get paid weekly and receive gold for helping two others secure their future. Amazing compensation plan pays unlimited levels down.

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We are the only team in Karatbars with a marketing system that helps build your downline. Click Below for more information

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Mike Maloney and Robert Kiyosaki – Don’t Save Money, Exchange it for Gold
Boomer and KaratBars International… The BIG Picture……….                     
Death Of The Dollar, Hyperinflation,Insure & Protect Your Money With Gold!!!

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When you register on this site you will be given your sponsor’s link to sign up for the Karatbar opportunity, then you simply return to this site to enter your opportunity link in your back office so that your front level recruits can be given your signup link after registering on Gold as Currency.  Now all you do is use the special referral link to Gold As Currency to promote this marketing system and let it handle recruiting new members to your team or if you just want to sit back and let the system do all of the work, that is fine too!

Our forced matrix system will automatically work sponsor 2 people on your front level, even if you don’t refer a single person to this site, this helps you to earn commissions with Karatbar, then the next ones are placed under those that are already on your team, helping them to build their teams and get qualified for commissions in the income opportunity.

Complete details on how Gold As Currency works.

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Now you can become an elite recruiter simply by using this site to market the Karatbar opportunity with absolutely zero cost to use this system.  When you join our team you will automatically be able to use this site to recruit new members to your organization and even if you don’t refer a single person to this site you are still eligible to receive overflow or spill over from the efforts of the entire team above you and below you through the targeted network marketing traffic which comes to this site.

Yes! If you sign up with our organization we WILL help you to recruit new members for your team which you will be your personal recruits.

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Here at Gold As Currency we obviously want to go BIG so we encourage everyone to start with the VIP package if they are able to. However, you are absolutely welcome to start wherever you feel comfortable. The important thing is just to start. Now for those who are looking to go at this big for 12 weeks we have a bonus card for you. With this card you get a discount of 100 euros or $133 off your VIP package! Just send us an email letting us know that you want to sign at the VIP level and we will email you a virtual card with the discount code on it. Please do that before ordering any packages.

At this time we only have 12 left so you’ll need to hurry and let us know before they’re gone. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.12572_10151209025790911_1902050453_n

For centuries, buying gold has been recognized as one of the best way to preserve one’s wealth and purchasing power.
Gold is a unique precious metal, one that has served mankind well for thousands of years. From the times of the Romans, ancient Egyptians, Greeks and to more modern times, man has been fascinated with the beauty of gold. Gold prices have doubled in the past and experts are saying that it will double in the next 10 years. Pure Gold 999.9 (24kt) is excepted world wide as currency and that is what Karatbars  Gold is.

There are many ways to earn with Karatbars which are all explained in the short video below.   These are the main ways….

1. You can register now for free and get your own “gold shop” to promote!  You can make money by generating customers who buy things from your shop.

2. You can also register on the site and buy a package! These packages allow you to make money by building your own network of customers!

This includes two different compensation plans including a unilevel AND a binary. I have been through the entire compensation plan and it is brilliant… easy to follow and there is nothing there to trip you up.

Karatbars Packages include brochures and Karatbars cards which you can show to potential customers.

Product – Gold Money

Exchange paper money for gold money (999.9 kine-bar grade gold bullion)
1. The rarest, purest, highest grade, counterfeit proof store of value in the world
2. KB is a category creator – private global currency – small more transaction friendly weights
3. KB account holders have a gold account – exchange gold for products and services – worldwide Merchant Program

Gold has outperformed every asset class since 1969
1. Gold’s average annual return = 11% (What interest rate is your bank paying you on that CD?)
2. Gold – 12 month return = 20%
24 month return =37%
5 year return = 250%
10 year return = 700%
3. Historically – gold is a great asset to own and a reliable store of value.

Gold is a great way to create insurance or a hedge against inflation.
Experts are advising their clients to have at least 5% – 25% of their assets in precious metals as a hedge against inflation.

The last 24 months – from June 2009 – June 2011 – The US Dollar – lost over 40% of its purchasing power. It takes more paper money to purchase the things we need.

Effects of Inflation on raw materials:
Wheat  prices up 52%, cotton gaining 177%, corn gaining 72%, soybeans gaining 49%, coffee gaining 86%, orange juice gaining 37%, and sugar gaining 86%.

Resulting in higher grocery and clothing prices

From June 2009 – June 2011 – Gold prices are up 37%

If you could exchange your paper money that is losing purchasing power for gold money that is increasing – dramatically – in purchasing power.
Do you think that is wise thing to do based on this evidence? KB account holders are leveraged to gold. If inflation goes up – so does your account value.

Opportunity – KB Affiliates get paid to help people save “real” money and secure their financial future – 1 gram at a time.
How would you like to get a customer acquisition bonus up to $950?
How would you like up to 5.5% commissions when people exchange paper money for gold money?

No costs to open an account as a Customer, an Affiliate or both.

No Set Up Fees, No purchase requirements, No annual renewal fees, and No website fees! In fact you can fully participate in KB’s referral rewards program without buying a single thing.



Simple… No spending…it’s saving…Gold is real Money! Cost averaging…recommended by financial planners… (Little Gold at a time over a long period of time) Great “private” Retirement account… You own manage and control…your account 100% Not backed by Gold… it is Gold!
GAC, Karatbars International

Why Buy Gold From Karatbars Through Gold As Currency?

  • Merchants welcome to become K-Exchange centers
  • Gram/s at a time “Affordable” user friendly Gold Bullion Saving Plan
  • LBMA Certified >>> Weight and Purity on every gold card
  • 24 Karat >>> 999.9 Pure Currency Gold (Spendable)
  • Exchange System Paper Currency (Bad) into Gold Currency (Good)
  • Lowest Gram Price (asset class) Worldwide Guaranteed!
  • Monthly saver (set and forget) and/or One- time purchases
  • Customer/Affiliate Partner your Choice (No Costs/Obligations)
  • Several Special Discounts Available
  • Ability to Acquire at the “day before” $$$ price $$$
  • Karatbars Gold “Concept” Worldwide System of Using Gold
  • Private Retirement Plan With 100% Control
  • Your Own Free e-commerce Website

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